Wellbeing in the Workplace

Advances in technology and lifestyle mean that the differentiation between work life and home life is becoming increasingly thin, and working hours and stress-related health disorders are on the rise.

One of the most important things we can do in business is look after the teams who work for us. The benefits of creating a healthy working culture are well-known: employees who are cared for in an inspiring way are switched on, more team-focussed, happier, productive and ultimately, more loyal to their workplace. Creating an exceptional business environment starts with exceptional leaders who value the wellbeing and support of their staff as their highest priority. Positive behavioural changes can affect the whole culture of an organisation when its leaders display healthy habits and behaviours.

But more than just talking about the bottom line or worker bee productivity, Be School is about learning and having fun while doing it.

For more information on who we are and why we do what we do, check out our back story.

our Aim

Our aim is to support you in creating a happy, healthy workforce. We recognise that life is holistic and needs a whole-person approach in order to thrive. The impact of long working hours, time in front of screens, less social interaction and increased stress and pressure takes its toll on health, family life and relationships.


Quite simply, we want people to be happy at work. We want to see shining eyes, broad smiles and genuine delight in the work to be done. Healthful, engaged staff make for a healthful, engaged society.


Be School creates one-to-one and organisational programs to establish fun, practical and science-backed ways to create positive habits and behavioural changes. We blend practical, philosophical and psychological enquiry to provide accountability while we work with you.

We use

• Mindful movement

• Breath work

• Meditation

• Coaching

• Group activities to promote personal reflection

• One-to-one yoga and breath-work sessions to support individuals between sessions

We cover topics such as

• Compassionate Leadership

• Managing Stress & Anxiety

• Nonviolent Communication

• Mindfulness at Work and Home

• Creative Problem Solving (Action Learning)

• Building Assertiveness

• Goal Setting & Productivity

• Increasing Resilience


The workshops went above and beyond my expectations. I went away from each with ideas and exercises that really helped guide me in practicing what was taught. It’s easy to come away with bright ideas, but the practical elements were what I found to be more useful on a personal level. I am now able to manage stress and relax more at work, and also at home. Some of the re-phrasing exercises in the assertiveness workshop were key in up-shifting areas that I’ve been struggling in.
— Maggie, New York Times
Overall, the coaching and breath-work steps have helped in the office because I am more calm, less stressed and able to communicate my needs in a more impactful and strategic way. Works well at home too!
— Simone, New York Times

next steps

We suggest getting together for coffee or having a chat on the phone so we can establish what the main objectives of your workplace are.

We’ll then create a tailor-made series of talks, yoga sessions, workshops and short courses for your team to get going with - anything from a one-off motivational talk to a 1-12 month-long programme. If it’s a retreat you’re looking for, we have a selection of stunning locations in the UK, across Europe and worldwide that we’d be only too happy to host at.