Retreat Testimonials

“Being here has been a really incredible rhythm of self exploration, physical practice, enjoyment of the natural beauty and very deep connections with people. I’ll take away tips and tools, a renewed connection to my own yoga and meditation practice, certainly new friends, and a lot of really wonderful memories. I feel like over the week there’s been this building of a rhythm I want to continue - yoga, meditation, journalling… and thinking about my life as something that is a process - and being excited to explore that - as opposed to an end product or a problem to be solved.” Elizabeth, Maine USA. 

“I don’t want to leave. This is my first yoga retreat and experience of anything like this and it’s been fabulous. We’ve been so lucky; we’ve had a great group. I came here because I needed some space and was at a junction in my life where I felt I needed to get away from London and experience some space and some beauty, some yoga and coaching. It couldn't have been better. I’m going to take away a lot of things to reflect on going home. We covered different themes every day - work, relationships, self compassion, self care. All topics that you skirt around at home but you don’t dive deeply into. And it was amazing to work with the group; the dynamic of everyone helps you to spark ideas, talk more freely and open yourself up more than you normally would do. And it’s just been so much fun! I’ve never laughed so much in my life! I’m walking away today happy but sad; a lot lighter; and feeling like I can go back into the world stronger and more open. I’d do it again and again.” ~ Victoria, London

“Coming here I didn’t quite know what to expect but once I arrived I think it was clear that everyone was ready to disconnect, take a step back, look at their life and think about how they could make things better and do things that served them. You need a bit of space to do that so coming to this peaceful spot where everybody felt at home and got on so well meant we had enough space to give that to each other but also had support to uncover as we went. You guys were such good teachers; it was a fantastic combination of space and support, a bit of a challenge but also a lot of love. When I look back to the last week we've come so far. Little by little you gain perspective and realise you've done such good work in a really fun way.  It was such a pleasure to be here and spend time with everybody. It’s just amazing. It’s a week you don't get out of most holidays or at home. You’ll be much better for it and will come away with exciting projects for yourself and you’ll feel more connected with the part of yourself that’s who you really are and want to be. Checking in with that self acts as a compass as you go through life. That’s an amazing gift for yourself. I don’t think it could have been better, it’s fantastic.” ~ Amanda, Switzerland. 

Workshop Testimonials

Thank you Ellie and Rachel for creating such a wonderful experience! I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop - from the yoga to the self enquiry coaching... to the lovely meditation at the end. The environment was warm and inviting, and I left feeling in a much better place than when I arrived. Thank you!! ~ Vicky

Rachel and Ellie have made the perfect blend of a yoga session mixed with a self compassion workshop, creating a safe space that allows you to work on yourself physically and mentally. I took away with me a great more than what I came with. I could not recommend this more, Ellie and Rachel are amazing and are both powerful presences to be around. ~ Harry

Thank you so much for creating such a welcoming space for people to just be human ~ Jo