Ellie Grace

Ellie is a yoga teacher, writer and entrepreneur whose love of mindful breath work and moving meditation began when she was in the throes of grief. Struggling to come to terms with 2 major losses, she embarked on a life-changing series of courses with Battersea Yoga founder, Angus Ford-Robertson. 

Ellie's love for these practices encouraged her to leave her business as a restaurateur and food writer, and to train in the Sivananda lineage. She followed her love of somatics and psychology to include trainings in trauma-specific yoga; the medicinal benefits of Ayurvedic food, and yoga for social change. While studying in the U.S., she trained with the Prison Yoga Project and Veterans Yoga Project and worked with war veterans suffering PTSD at the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour at UCLA.

She received her MA in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles where her research synthesised multidisciplinary perspectives on trauma, death and grief; the mind-body connection, somatics and mental health; neuroscience, ecology, mysticism and social change.

Fascinated by the mingling of business and spirituality, and confident we can make the urgent societal changes needed to tackle the problems facing humanity, Ellie created Be School with the aim of bringing groups within organisations back to a full sense of what it means to be human. She brings years of practice and study with a humorous touch and a down-to-earth, curious approach to life.
Ellie also teaches one-to-one yoga. Find out more here.

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