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Setting Boundaries: Yoga & Life Coaching Workshop

Join Rachel and Ellie for a stimulating afternoon of yoga, meditation, and transformative coaching over a series of workshops in 2018.

On the final Sunday of the month our #SundaySeries will explore a topic around self care, self knowledge and growth. We're here to help you find your voice, be better to yourself, connect with remarkable people, and live more comfortably in your skin. Together we'll pose illuminating and gently challenging questions, share personal experiences, and guide you through key practices to help you take better care of yourself, make balanced decisions, and quiet your inner critics.

© Alejandro Gonzalez

© Alejandro Gonzalez

In June we’ll be digging into the art and science of Setting Boundaries, both with ourselves and others. 

One of the most vital components to creating happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships [with ourselves and others] is being able to set and uphold boundaries. 

Simply put, boundaries are a line you draw that marks the limits of your behaviour and the behaviour you will tolerate. Our boundaries define how and what we communicate, what we give and receive, and even, in the most basic sense, provide the parameters for what we expect from others and life itself. 

And boundary issues are common to the vast majority of us. Do you:

  • Feel guilty when you say no and worry that you’re being unkind or unreasonable?
  • Want to be assertive, but have trouble speaking up?
  • Find yourself getting resentful because others don’t listen to you?
  • Do things for everyone else, and seem to get little in return?
  • Experience a lot of confusion and self doubt?

When taking care of yourself becomes your lowest priority, you end up feeling burned out, resentful, frustrated and isolated. Setting boundaries is a skill, and like any skill – it takes learning the tools and lots of practice. 

What exactly are healthy boundaries? When do we set them? And how do we do it in a way that is respectful and caring? Setting strong, clear, healthy boundaries will increase your effectiveness in getting your needs met, maintaining your self worth and self respect, and taking better care of yourself. If you're a care-giver, parent or teacher - or, like everyone, you have a lot of different kinds of relationships to fulfill - the likelihood is that you know how to take care of others' needs without respecting your own. So how can we be available and present for people without coming away feeling drained or depleted? 

This engaging workshop will help you learn strategies and practices to create healthy boundaries with people and in situations in your life. We'll look at how the ethical boundaries of yoga can guide us to be more truthful and more mindful about where and how we place our energy so as not to exhaust ourselves physically or emotionally. You will leave interactions feeling more confident in saying no (when you want to), trusting yourself more, knowing how and when it's time to set limits, as well as being better able to detach from unhealthy relationships.

During this workshop you’ll learn:

How to become aware of your energy drains and boundary violations

How to define and evaluate different types of boundaries

How to respect others’ boundaries

Practices and tools to set, strengthen and maintain boundaries

The afternoon will open with friendly hellos and a couple of exercises, before moving through a carefully-sequenced yoga class led by Ellie, designed to still your mind and tune into your centre. From here we'll pour tea and ask questions to stimulate self-enquiry, teaching practices which will gently challenge and soothe the fear and anxiety behind boundary issues. The workshop will close with a guided meditation to help ground your learning and nourish your mind and body. 

* * *

You are invited to bring a pen and journal to take notes. There will be delicious tea and snacks available throughout the workshop.

All yoga abilities and bodies are welcome! Bring a friend or come as you are. Drop in for one workshop, a few you love the sound of, or join us for the full series throughout the year. And if you'd like to book 3 workshops, we'll discount the price to £120 - get in touch to let us know.