What is Be School?


A society in which talking about life’s big questions is part of the everyday.


Be School is here to provide practical ways to live more wholeheartedly. We work with individuals, groups and workplaces in need of a paradigm shift.

We’re building a community of change-makers; social innovators; entrepreneurs; creatives; self-employed people; thought-leaders, thinkers, makers and doers who are united by the desire to effect positive social change - starting with themselves.

Our intention is to support you in experiencing greater peace, purpose and contentment through the timeless wisdom of yoga and the transformative effects of depth coaching. We lead talks, workshops and retreats that blend psychology, philosophy and spirituality to bring clarity and deeply nurturing self care to whatever is leading you to feel depleted, overwhelmed, unsure of yourself and disconnected.

Slow your monkey mind. Connect with nature. Reset your nervous system and engage those natural happy hormones.


The 3 Cs of connection, curiosity and compassion guide our work. Everything in the world is about relationship; it’s our belief that through community, enquiry and kindness that we can better understand our purpose here.


The Birth of Be School

Be School was founded by Rachel Cooke and Ellie Grace as a way to help people answer the question, ‘How should I be?’

We live in a complex world, and the demands of modern life have most of us pushed and pulled in countless different directions, unsure which way to turn, how to take care of ourselves or, quite simply, how to just be. Human life itself is undergoing unprecedented social, economic and spiritual change and the methods for coping with it are often far from wholesome.

It’s no longer a surprise that technology has scattered our focus and drawn us away from the pace and rhythm of the natural world. Or that the speed of life has robbed us of the opportunity to look up and notice, to get quiet and curious.

The challenge of these times is in learning how to navigate the terrain without succumbing to overwhelm, and to root ourselves in community as we practice compassion, resilience and wisdom for the next phase ahead.

Be School was formed as an antidote to the din and confusion that cloaks the modern mind. We’re here to help you return to nature, to the inner voice that guides you, and as long-time practitioners of yoga, meditation and life coaching, to share with you the tools we’ve honed along the way.

The questions we're inspired to ask are:

  • Who are you?

  • What do you value?

  • What makes you feel alive?

While the themes we like to cover include:

  • The relationship between the mind and body

  • How to harness happy hormones

  • The role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

  • How to minimise destructive thought processes and quiet the inner critic

  • How to use the breath to calm a busy mind and feel more peaceful

  • How to relinquish the need to control, to surrender and learn the art of letting go

  • How to cultivate more trust in your abilities and in life itself

  • How to handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • How to use 'loving awareness' to transform your present moment experience, accept imperfection and 'meet yourself where you are'

  • How to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism