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bring your full self to work

Thank you so much for creating such a welcoming space for people to just be human
— Jo, workshop participant
Overall, the coaching and breath-work steps have helped in the office because I am more calm, less stressed and able to communicate my needs in a more impactful and strategic way. Works well at home too!
— Simone, New York Times
The workshops went above and beyond my expectations. I went away from each with ideas and exercises that really helped guide me in practicing what was taught. It’s easy to come away with bright ideas, but the practical elements were what I found to be more useful on a personal level. I am now able to manage stress and relax more at work, and also at home. Some of the re-phrasing exercises in the assertiveness workshop were key into areas that I’ve been struggling in.
— Maggie, New York Times
Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience! I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop - from the yoga to the self enquiry coaching... to the lovely meditation at the end. The environment was warm and inviting, and I left feeling in a much better place than when I arrived. Thank you!!
— Vicky, workshop participant
Be School have made the perfect blend of a yoga session mixed with a self compassion workshop, creating a safe space that allows you to work on yourself physically and mentally. I took away with me a great more than what I came with. I could not recommend this more, Be School are amazing and their teachers are powerful presences to be around.
— Harry, Workshop Participant




From 30 minute guided meditation sessions to 90 minutes of mindful movement, breath-work and yoga, we’ve got you covered. Each class is tailored to suit the minds and bodies of your staff, bringing them into a livelier, healthier state of presence, focus and connection.


Lunchtime talks, training sessions or away day team building without the naff bits. We give talks on the important aspects of human life that help people to tackle the stigma around mental health, or the importance of philosophy in everyday life.


We facilitate workshops that get people moving, connecting, thinking, and growing together. Maybe you’re interested in learning how to breathe in a way that supports emotional regulation and energy levels, or gaining skills for boosting productivity without burnout, or perhaps it’s a desire to solve problems or communicate positively and compassionately. Click here to see some of the topics we’ve delivered.


We’re connected to a range of stunning retreat locations in the UK, across Europe and worldwide and love nothing more than bringing people together in nature, with beautiful food and a total change of scenery in order to support their growth. A night or two away with time to settle in and integrate learning reaps tremendous transformation in how people see themselves and one another.